Good Foods For Healthy Skin – Beautiful Skin From Within

Good Foods For Healthy Skin

Amidst busy lifestyles and also being constantly bombarded by media advertising for a ton of skin care products which we often do not need, people sometimes forget that the best way to having a beautiful complexion starts with eating good foods for healthy skin. Although research on the best foods for healthy skin is limited, … Read more

What Is A Happy Place – Create Yours Today

The Beach Is My Happy Place

I first heard of the term “happy place” recently when it was used in a TV advertisement (can’t remember what the ad was) but it prompted me to look up what the phrase really meant. I discovered that Happy Place is the name for a drive through multi-sensory experience which originated in 2017 in Los … Read more

Best Coconut Oil For The Skin – What To Look For

Best Coconut Oil For The Skin

With a plethora of evidence-based health benefits, coconut oil has been regarded as a superfood until recent guidelines by the American Heart Association (AHA) advised against the use of coconut oil as high consumption of its high saturated fat increases LDL cholesterol, a major cause of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD), increasing the risk of stroke.  One … Read more

What Is The Lemon Juice Diet? – The Power Of Lemons

Lemon Juice Diet

Known by many names, the Lemon Juice Diet, Lemonade Diet or Master Cleanse Diet has been sought after by people wanting to lose weight quickly in the same way that many celebrities have claimed this system has helped them shed pounds successfully. A good understanding of what is the lemon juice diet and what the … Read more

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About PROVIDENCE HQ – Storehouse of the Beauty & Power of Nature Hi everyone and welcome to our website Providence HQ. This site is designed to be a storehouse of useful content, for education and/or entertainment to appreciate the beauty and power of nature all around us, where anyone is welcome to contribute to the … Read more