Sleeptalk Therapy – Building Self Esteem For Children

Are you struggling with your child’s behaviour? Are they withdrawn, lacking confidence or social skills? Sleeptalk therapy is a program created in 1974 for building self esteem for children.


The Goulding Process

Sleeptalk Therapy

Entering school is a difficult time for the child and for the whole family. There are a lot of adjustments, new routines, so the child’s behaviour often goes through ups and downs. There could be tantrums, anxiety, sadness, even feelings of abandonment.

A simple program is availble to help the child (and parents) cope with this and at the same time build confidence and lasting self-esteem for the child for life. The method has been around for nearly 50 years, founded by Joanne Goulding who as a mother of a child with developmental problems was facing the choice of admitting her daughter to an institution for disabled children. Instead, she chose to work on a method that then resulted in her daughter living a very normal life.

It helps not just with developmental challenges but also with behavioural problems. It is widely recognised and used worldwide now.


Love Your Child Forever

It is known that children observe their environment and record their experiences during their formative early development from age 2 to 10.

Negative experiences that are not addressed and correctly processed can result in lifelong consequences. However, you are a parent, not a psychologist, so how to ensure that your child remains happy and maintains good mental health?

Sleeptalk for children is a safe, convenient, and very simple method of creating long-lasting confidence and building a foundation of solid self-esteem by incorporating certain positive affirmations in your daily routine.

You can learn this process in a single session, then follow a support group to share your progress and results with other parents.


Lifetime of Confidence For Your Child – Parental Training

Parenting training in Sleeptalk consists of the following:

Personal one-hour training session (with printed materials);
Follow-up session in person or by phone within 2 weeks;
Support by phone or email for 12 weeks of the program;
Progress evaluation during the program;
Final evaluation after 12 weeks of Foundation stage;
Minimum of 3 support group sessions with other parents.


Parental and Family Coach – Dr Lubosh Hanuska

What I do is offer individual sessions as well as group training for parents who struggle with their child’s behaviour in the early development stages (2-10 years).

All my sessions are online, individual sessions also in person in Melbourne. I offer single sessions as well as a full 12-week program.

Lubosh Hanuska 

PHONE: +61 427 636 466



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