Top Rated Insulated Water Bottles – Hydro Flask Review

Hydro Flask Review – Overview & Rankings

Product: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Price: Under $30.00 – $179.99 (retail)

Where To Buy:

Product Description: Stainless steel double-walled vacuum insulated water bottles, available in multiple sizes (12/20/21/32/40/64 oz) and colours

Product Effectiveness: Protects cold temperature for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours

Guarantee: Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

My Overall Ranking: 9.6 out of 10

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Top Rated Insulated Water Bottles

When looking for a stainless steel water bottle and have too many options to choose from, Amazon Best Sellers (most popular products based on sales) is a good starting point. When considering the top rated insulated water bottles, Hydro Flask water bottles stand out as the #1 best sellers in thermoses and are also amongst the most wished for.

Hydro Fask Water Bottle Wide Mouth with Straw Lid

The points of differentiation that have made this brand so popular are these 3 quality features and benefits:

1. Colder. Hotter. Longer

Hydro Flask water bottles are manufactured using TempShield Technology that uses a unique double-walled vacuum insulation to protect the temperature of your drinks for hours.

On hot and long summer days, cold drinks stay icy cold and conversely, hot drinks will stay piping hot for hours too.

2. Pure and Refreshing Taste

Hydro Flask water bottles are made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel which ensures it will not retain or transfer flavours. The stainless steel construction means it is BPA, phthalate and toxin-free and also makes the water bottle extra-durable.

All lids are also made from BPA-free, phthalate-free and toxin-free material.

3. Comfortable and Durable

The proprietary powder coat makes the bottle sweat-free, hence slip-free and easy to grip and carry around.

They are dishwasher safe and colour last making them quick and easy to clean.


Product Designs and Options

Hydro Flask water bottles are designed with your everyday hydration needs in mind, available in multiple sizes and a wide range of colour options to suit different ages, uses and preferences.

The same double-walled, vacuum insulation using TempShield Technology is used in all Hydro Flask products to ensure that your hot or cold beverages will maintain its temperature for many hours.

There are 2 design options for the size of openings – Standard Mouth or Wide Mouth. The Standard Mouth is ideal for sipping, while still accommodating ice cubes and fits in vehicle cup holders or bicycle bottle racks. The Wide Mouth design makes filling up with ice cubes easier.

When it comes to water bottles, no one size fits all, so a range of different size options are available for just the right size needed, whether it’s a convenient smaller size (12 oz, 354 mL) for your kids, a larger size (64 oz, 1900 mL) for an adventure trip or something in between.

You can also purchase different lids or replacement lids (additional lids are sold separately) for your water bottles.

Lid Compatibility Chart

Hydro Flask Lids
The Wide Mouth bottles come with Flex Caps (leak-proof), Straw Lids, or Hydro Flip Lids.

The Standard Mouth bottles are compatible with Standard Flex Caps (leak-proof) or Standard Sport Cap.

The Flex Caps are built with honeycomb insulation to keep drinks cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours and designed with stainless steel pivots and a soft and flexible easy-to-carry strap.


The Straw Lid fits the 12 oz, 16 oz (Travel Coffee Flask), 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz and 64 oz wide mouth Hydro Flasks. It is an easy to use flip straw designed for a faster flow rate and a durable rubber coating to withstand bite marks. It makes for easy sipping for kids and is also easy to clean.

Cyclist Sport Water BottleIf you are a sports person, the Hydro Flask Sports bottle is fitted with an insulated Sport Cap, the first of its kind.

Specifically designed to be help reduce spills when used one-handed, the Standard Mouth Sports 21 oz size bottle fits comfortably and conveniently in your hand or bicycle bottle rack.


Product Specifications

1. Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Wide Mouth 2.0 with Straw Lid  (Amazon #1 best seller in Thermoses)

32 oz (946mL)

40oz (1180mL)


Top Row: Black, Cobalt, Fog (light grey), Hibiscus, Olive, Pacific, Spearmint, Stone
Hydro Flask Wide Mouth with Straw Lid_Colours

Bottom Row: Watermelon, White


2. Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Wide Mouth 2.0 with Leak-Proof Flex Cap

18 oz (532 mL)


Top Row: Graphite, Watermelon, Cobalt, Flamingo, Forest, Frost, Lilac, White

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 18 oz_Colours

Bottom Row: Black, D-Green, Lemon, Pacific, Citron

20 oz (592mL)

32 oz (946mL)

40 oz (1180mL)

64 oz (1900mL)


Top Row: Black, Cobalt, Fog, Hibiscus, Olive, Pacific, Spearmint

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth with Flex Cap_Colours

Bottom Row: Stone, Sunflower, Watermelon, White


3. Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Standard Mouth with Leak-Proof Flex Cap

18 oz (532 mL)

21 oz (621 mL)

24 oz (710 mL)


Top Row: Black, Cobalt, Fog, Frost, Graphite, Hibiscus, Jade, Olive

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth with Sport Cap_Colours

Bottom Row: Pacific, Spearmint, Stone, Sunflower, Watermelon, White


4. Hydro Flask Sports Water Bottle – Standard Mouth with Sport Cap

21 oz (621 mL)

5 colour options are available: Black, Olive, Pacific, Spearmint, WatermelonHydro Flask Standard Mouth with Sport Cap_Colours







5. Hydro Flask Kids Water Bottle – Wide Mouth with Straw Cap and Flex Boot

12 oz (354 mL)

Colours: Frost, Lemon, Pacific, Watermelon

Hydro Flask Kids Water Bottle_Colours

The durable silicone Flex Boot is for added protection and traction on slippery surfaces.


Some Points To Take Note

  • New Hydro Flask water bottle design does not feature a registered trademark symbol next to the logo. So do not be alarmed if your purhase is a newly produced water bottle that does not have the registered trademark symbol. They are authentic Hydro Flask products if bought from an authorized retailer.
  • Hydro Flask Straw Lid, Flip Lid and Sport Cap are not leak-proof.
  • Hydro Flask Kids Water Bottle with Straw Cap is not leak-proof and is not recommended to be used with hot liquids.


Why Invest In A Good Water Bottle

In my first post, I wrote about why we need to stay hydrated and the importance of drinking enough water daily. As I try my best to live a healthy life, one of the things I am trying to work on is to remember to drink enough fluids daily. So I feel that investing in a good water bottle is worth it because it is an investment towards my health.

Hydro Flask water bottles are designed with product safety at the top-of-mind, made out of non-toxic BPA-free plastics and 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. Glass bottles can also be a good option if you don’t mind their fragility.

Hot or Cold Drink?

If you are someone who likes to drink cold drinks or hot beverages, an insulated water bottle (or flask) is what you will need to keep your drinks cold or hot for hours. The Hydro Flask double wall, vacuum insulated bottles are well designed for keeping the temperature of your drink with no condensation or heat transfer to the outside of the bottle. The insulated and leak-proof Flex Cap is purpose built for functionality and durability.

What I also like about Hydro Flask is the powder coated exterior which works with the TempShield insulation to
prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle, to ensure a dry exterior for slip-free grip.

I also like the large sizes options which would be perfect for bringing on day road trips or picnics. They will help me save some money from not having to buy coffees or cold drinks.

I hope that this review has been helpful to you in choosing the right Hydro Flask water bottle for your needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them below and I’d be more than happy to reply.

8 thoughts on “Top Rated Insulated Water Bottles – Hydro Flask Review”

  1. Thanks for this detailed review article on the Hydro Flask. Aside from the fact that they are of high quality, I also like the fact that the hydro flask comes in different ranges, size and designs having different prices. This will give one the ability to make a choice according to his or her needs and pocket.

    • You are most welcome, Nelson and thank you for visiting my site and reading my Hydro Flask Review.

      Yes, the product quality and wide range of sizes and design makes Hydro Flask a top rated insulated water bottle.

      Indeed, Hydro Flask products are designed with different uses and needs in mind.

  2. So with under 30 dollars I can get a New Hydro Flask water bottle. That’s really lovely.  I love the fact that the powder coated exterior which works with the TempShield insulation to prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle. I don’t like to carry a flask water bottle and then think of ways to dry the body regularly. That’s great.  

    • Hi Babakes, yes the smallest size bottle (12 oz) is the Kids water bottle is priced from $22.39 and the Coffee Travel Mug (12 oz) is $22.46. The Amazon #1 best seller is the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth with Flex Lid (18 oz) which costs $29.95.

      I have distant memories or having to wrap a towel around my Tupperware water bottle when I was young. Leaking water bottles and condensation are now a thing of the past with the leak-proof lids and powder coated exterior of Hydro Flasks.

  3. Great review Sue Tay. I think we must all form the habit of carrying our water as a necessary appendage to our items whenever we step out of the home. It’s essential to keep sipping water all day, and obviously, we want clean water. 

    This product seems lovely, except that it is quite expensive. 

    Do u think it will last a few years at least?



    • Hi Aparna, thank you for your compliment.

      Yes, I agree with you that it’s a good habit to bring along a bottle of water when we go out to keep ouselves hydrated especially on hot days or when exercising.

      I would think that with the quality of the material used to make the product, Hydro Flask water bottles should be durable for a few years. Hydro Flask water bottles come with a lifetime warranty.

      Of course, how long it lasts also depends on how it is being handled. I have read a review giving it 5 stars for durability, but that it might get dented if thrown around. 

      From my personal experience, stainless steel bottles are more durable compared to plastic or glass bottles, and the double-wall construction provides good insulation for cold or hot drinks which is an added advantage that plastic or glass bottles do not offer.

  4. It is very important to drink 2 litres of water a day to stay hydrated, Plastic water bottles can be very dangerous if left outside in the sun. That is why articles such as this one are good to read. The information contained regarding the flask being suitable for hot and cold drinks and being made of stainless steel makes it a very good option to choose. Would it be heavy when it is full?

    • Hi Lisa, thanks so much for reading my article and for your comment.

      Yes, the potental of toxic substances leaching into my water is why I switched to using glass or stainless steel bottles instead.

      Great question about the weight of the bottle. It ranges from 12 oz for the 20 oz bottle to 25.6 oz for the 64 oz bottle.

      You can see the full details of the Product Specificatons in this chart.


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