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What Is A Happy PlaceI first heard of the term “happy place” recently when it was used in a TV advertisement (can’t remember what the ad was) but it prompted me to look up what the phrase really meant. I discovered that Happy Place is the name for a drive through multi-sensory experience which originated in 2017 in Los Angeles featuring larger-than-life experiences with dazzling light shows, over-the-top sets and interactive moments, all designed to deliver HAPPY and pure entertainment from the safety of your car. Happy Place was created because of the belief that our world today can use a lot more happiness. I imagine it would be a bright and colourful fun-filled place oozing with creativity, music, and squeals of laughter. In your personal world, what is a happy place that you already own or would love to create?


A Happy Place Means…

The definition of a happy place is subjective. Your happy place may be quite different from mine. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a real place. With an imaginative mind, you can create a unique and special place that’ll be your very own happy place.

Your happy place can be a memory, situation or activity that make you feel happy. You could even combine a few of the elements of places and things that you love to make up your happy place and give it a nice-sounding name. It can be any place that brings you joy and a happy state of mind just thinking about it. It is a place that is safe, secure and problem free. When you are there or visualizing it, it calms your mind, helps you to feel positive and makes you smile.

Some examples of popular happy places are the beach, nature parks, spa resorts, a favourite eatery (it could be the view or ambience, besides the food), a place associated with happy childhood memories, even the home or a special space within it.


Characteristics Of A Happy Place What Is A Happy Place

Take a moment to create your happy place in your mind now.

Close your eyes.

Relax all of your muscles.

Clear your mind.

Take a few deep breaths.

Think of whom, where or what makes you really happy.

  • Having a fun time with your family or friends, going on a picnic or doing a jigsaw puzzle together
  • Spending some me-time on a hobby, doing something you are passionate about like baking, gardening or painting
  • Exercising in the gym, going for a swim or a walk in the park
  • Travelling to new places
  • Listening to your favourite music or songs at home

Now see, hear, smell, feel yourself in your private happy place in your mind. Because all of our five sensory play a part, the decor, colours, lighting, temperature, sounds, touch, smell and taste can all define the form and shape of our happy place. Sight is probably the most obvious of the senses so picking the right colours and decor for different spaces within your home is a good principle to creating a happy place at home.

1. Happy Colours

Colours are thought to influence our mood and feelings. Picking the right colours for painting and interior decor in different areas of your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family. Happy colors are bright, warm colors like yellow, orange, pink and red. Yellow conveys optimism, confidence and happiness. Light pastel colours like peach, light pink or lilac can also have an uplifting effect on the mood. Orange evokes a feeling of warmth and is an inviting and joyful colour.

Happy colours may also be associated with fond childhood memories of certain places such as the colour scheme of the kitchen in the home you grew up in, picnics on the beach, or rambling nature walks. According to colour consultants, cool colours like blues, greens and lavenders make the best choices for the bedroom based on colour psychology because they have a calming and relaxing effect.

2. Nature

Being in touch with nature has been found to be linked to happiness. Just being outdoors and feeling the breeze on your face or the sun shining on you and feeling a part of nature is good for your physical and mental health. Any physical activity can reduce stress and anxiety, relieve fatigue and stimulate creativity and productivity.

It’s just natural that even within our homes, we like to surround ourselves with nature such as decorating a room with a vase of flowers, growing indoor plants or hanging art paintings of natural scenery.

3. Scents

Not surprisingly, your sense of smell is also linked to your emotional well-being. I mean, who would find pleasure to even go near a place that smells bad? In fact, our olfactory system senses and detects odours, processes them and connects them to the part of the brain that is involved in memories, emotional responses, and behavior. Deep memory connections are made with various scents and can bring out memories and emotions that have been associated with them. For this reason, scent is a powerful tool to evoke happy memories in the home.

A popular way to inject some pleasant scents into your living spaces is by using candles, oils and reed diffusers. These can be used to freshen up any room; bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, even the home office. The essential oils evaporate into the air and will create a fragrance for your room and add elegance to your space.

Plants are a great and natural alternative to oils and candles. You can simply put some eucalyptus or pine leaves to dry in a bowl, or grow some scented indoor plants like herbs and gardenias. Citrus plants work great for kitchens or bathrooms leaving a clean and fresh fragrance, while eucalyptus, jasmine and lavender are great for relaxing environments.

4. Happy Home Decor

Writing this post got me started on visualizing how I could create a beautiful virtual place in my mind just by using my imagination. Since the home is the place we retreat to, to unwind and relax, our home decor in all the different living spaces should also create warmth, coziness, tranquility, comfort and love.
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Do More Of The Things You Love

We all need to spend more time in our happy places. Spending a few minutes in your virtual happy place each day can be a way to reduce stress. A simple exercise of spending time in your happy place doing the things you love can transform your days and your life.

You’ll be amazed to find that you’ll have more energy, a more positive outlook and your relationships will benefit from your increased positivity. So let the process begin if you haven’t yet and start creating your very own happy place today.

What is your happy place like? How does it impact your life? I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or comments, please do leave them below and I’d be more than happy to reply.

2 thoughts on “What Is A Happy Place – Create Yours Today”

  1. This is a very interesting article you have here. I must commend you for writing on such a great topic. Well, for me, a happy place is place where I can be free of worries and trouble. A place where I feel like I am out of this world. A place where I can speak boldly and tell the truth without any fear. Finding a happy place is tasking, so it’s best to create one.

    • Hi Nelson, thank you for visiting my site and reading my article. I’m glad to hear that you found it interesting.

      As you have expressed, a place with no worries and trouble would indeed be a happy place for anyone but unfortunately there’s probably no such place in this world. A place where people can have freedom of speech without getting into trouble is good too, where you can speak the truth even when it’s not something that people want to hear.

      I guess, that’s a happy place we have to find or create by building relationships with our family and friends, a place where we can just be ourselves and not have to worry about people judging us.


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